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R&D Center

01  R&D Center

Cooperate with customers, to improve technology on new applications and become a technology leader.

In recent years, the Company has successfully completed more than 100 product development, in the fields of ICT systems, Consumer Electronics and Automobiles. The company has a well-developed R&D process, including various simulation analysis, such as structure, mold flow, electric heating, etc., as well as signal integrity analysis. The R&D center has also established a key database of raw materials to achieve the best balance between product performance and cost.


The R&D Center has mold development and production capabilities, including punching and plastic molds, which can ensure the precision of production and improve production efficiency. The fully automatic equipment development capabilities can shorten equipment development time and improve development efficiency. After the mold design is completed, the machining center with optical projection grinding, precision discharge and wire cutting technologies is responsible for the processing of key parts.

02  Manufacturing Center

Continuously improving the quality and capability of manufacturing to become a manufacturing leader.

Continue to improve the quality and capability of manufacturing, and become a manufacturing leader. The company has the manufacturing capacity for the whole process of connectors. The precision stamping workshop is equipped with high-speed punches produced in Switzerland and Japan. The electroplating workshop is equipped with continuous electroplating processes of nickel, palladium nickel, tin, gold and other materials. The precision forming workshop Equipped with vertical and horizontal forming machines, all of which are selected from high-end brands. The above processes all achieve online 100% AOI detection.


The automated assembly workshop realizes the integration of automatic assembly, testing and packaging. At the same time, the workshop fully uses MES and workshop billboard management system to monitor indicators such as output, pass-through rate, and utilization rate in real time. All machines in the workshop are connected to the network. The system will automatically count and analyze the maintenance information of the machine and mold, and use the data analysis results for subsequent improvement and optimization.